JOY (1 LEFT!!!!  Design Changing Next Month)
JOY (1 LEFT!!!!  Design Changing Next Month)
JOY (1 LEFT!!!!  Design Changing Next Month)

JOY (1 LEFT!!!! Design Changing Next Month)

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Gold colored hoops with cork fringe.  Cork fringe has a hint of gold dusting.

2.5" tall by 2.5" wide

Named after my friend, Joy.  

Joy does not drink wine, however, she is totally a wine country goddess.  She loves visiting me in Sonoma County 4 times a year. Every time she visits she says....I want to move here!  She's enchanted by the small town charm.  The foodie in her wants to try Sonoma County culinary creations.  When we stroll Sebastopol, we explore the little boutique shops.  Joy was here when I showcased my earrings for the first time at Wilson Winery. Instantly, she saw the gold hoops with cork fringe.  "Can these be mine!" She was obsessed.  In that moment the hoops became officially, The Joys.  That day, before my earring booth opened for business, Joy suggested we do a little prayer. Joy and our other sweet friend, Gillian, and me held hands above all the earrings. Joy led us in some positive intentions for a fruitful jewelry day. Afterwards she jokingly said...and may the Joys sell out first!  To our shock the Joys sold out in the first hour!  I deemed them my official BEST SELLER! Joy is just magical.  

More Details:

  • Handmade
  • Cork fringe is hand painted gold
  • Lightweight
  • Nickel-free and hypoallergenic
  • Portuguese Cork

Sonoma Wine Life natural cork earrings are perfect for a night out and just as stunning when worn with your favorite casual t-shirt and jeans.

Cork earrings are amazingly light weight which adds to your wearing pleasure.  A beautiful statement piece without the weight of heavy jewelry.