Drink Wine And Watch Hallmark Bag (SOLD OUT!)
Drink Wine And Watch Hallmark Bag (SOLD OUT!)

Drink Wine And Watch Hallmark Bag (SOLD OUT!)

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I keep a bag this size bag in every purse that I carry.  

I call it my, 'home away from home or grounding bag'.  Although I may appear to be outgoing on Instagram and Facebook, I'm actually quite an introvert.  I also get some anxiety in new places and when I'm out of my comfort zone.  This catch-all-bag holds my essential items.  

What do I keep inside?

A worry stone to pull out when I need to keep my hands busy.  De-stressing essential oils.  A small corkscrew for unexpected wine opening situations.  Lipgloss.  A brush.  A pen that looks like a magic wand.  Hand sanitizer.  Portable charger and chord.  All my little treasures.

These bags are also essential for: makeup, charging cables, lady products....seriously, I have bags like this everywhere and for everything!

Hence, why I wanted to design one for YOU!

This particular design symbolizes my deep love for Hallmark Channel.  

Making earrings for you, while in my cozy pajamas, and watching the Hallmark Channel, is how I destress. 

I used to be embarrassed to tell anyone my love for the Hallmark Channel.  Thank goodness Hallmark is super mainstream now!

The world feels so hectic, stressful, and intense.  I have no shame in using Hallmark as a simple way to unwind.  The type of TV that can be on in the background and knowing the plot is not required.  

When I post about Hallmark on my Instagram, I get several DM's from all of you.  I love your Hallmark movie recommendations.

My all time favorite Hallmark show is, The Good Witch!  I've watched every season multiple times.  

This bag is cotton and DURABLE!

Measures: 9 by 5.7 inches.

White Lettering

Zipper top